Easy Ways to Identify Garage Door Issues

Easy Ways to Identify Garage Door Issues

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You most probably use your automatic garage door at least two times a day, right? However, you are highly unlikely to pay attention to small signs which signal that something’s wrong. Similarly, you may panic if the door isn’t moving while the issue may not be as big as you imagine. The best way to avoid situations like these is to learn more about your automatic door. Here you will find out how to pinpoint some of the most common problems affecting these systems so that you can deal with them properly without wasting time.

What’s Wrong with the Opener?

When you push the button on the remote and the door stays in place instead of going up, you naturally assume that the electric operator has failed. This is a huge assumption and the likelihood of you being wrong is very high. The good news is that there is a way to find out exactly what’s wrong.Easy Ways to Identify Garage Door Issues

If the remote control doesn’t work to open the door, try with the other controls. If they work fine, then the small gadget requires battery replacement, fixing or replacement. If you push all buttons and you can’t open the door, you should focus your attention on what the motor is doing exactly. Can you hear it running? If this is the case, the issue is with a hardware component. Is the motor running smoothly or making strange sounds? In the first case, you most probably have a broken spring or trolley. Just look up to check the springs. If they are in one piece, then the trolley is to blame and should be replaced. If the motor makes grinding sounds, the main gear inside the unit is most probably broken and should be changed.

What if the motor is silent? There are several possible causes to this problem. Most probably, there is something wrong with the power supply. Plug another electric device into the power outlet to see if it’s working and check the wiring for damage. It is highly unlikely for the motor or the circuit board to have failed.

Recognizing When the Hardware Is Malfunctioning

As explained earlier, if the door is stuck in place while the motor is working, you may have a broken spring. A quick check will confirm this. When this component breaks, there is a loud bang and you will hear it clearly if you are at home at the time. The door can’t be opened without the spring so it must be replaced right away.

If the door is jammed and hanging on one side, you most likely have a snapped cable. When a cable breaks because of a cut or another kind of damage, there are no warning signs. However, if it happens to break because of fraying, the problem is typically preceded by scraping sounds. It’s best if you have a frayed cabled replaced in advance. Most of the other hardware parts also make strange sounds when they get worn. The rollers make popping sounds while the hinges squeak.

When you have a problem with the hardware or opener, count on us, at Garage Door Repair Alafaya, to fix your door.

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