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What is the garage door headroom?

This is the distance between the door opening and the ceiling. Sometimes it is so narrow that the installation has to be cut down to size. In fact it is important for giving you a safety margin when using the garage door. Normally we would check to ensure that it is the right size.

How long does garage door installation usually take?

The installation of a new garage door only takes a few hours if completed by a professional. This ensures that the door is operating properly, effectively, and safely. Owners who try to install their own door could take several days and there’s a possibility that it may not work as smoothly and safely as it should. This task must be performed by the experts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum garage doors?

Aluminum is lightweight and it also has different finishes, including wood grain, faux wood and paint. It is also weather resistant and it does not corrode. The only disadvantage is that it dents easily, although you can find higher quality aluminum materials that are sturdier.

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